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Our new Clinical Affairs Board is bridging the gap between clinical podiatry and pathology.

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We quickly deliver accurate results backed by unmatched personal service.

Today’s physicians require comprehensive diagnostic information and prognostic data to diagnose disease effectively, prescribe vital therapies, and introduce early treatment options.

We strongly believe that clearly communicating diagnostic information is the cornerstone of comprehensive podiatric care.  A precise and accurate diagnosis will enable the best treatment options and result in noticeably improved patient care outcomes. When additional questions arise, our pathologists take pride in being readily available for one-on-one consults and second opinions.

Our Services

Supporting physicians and patients with innovative diagnostic solutions.

Skin & Soft Tissue Diagnostics

Gain access to comprehensive, diagnostic, and prognostic reports for skin & soft tissue…

Onychomycosis Diagnostics

Obtain precise reports on fungal infections, distribution, inflammatory dermatoses, and…

Diagnostics Results Portal

Osteomyelitis Diagnostics

Receive rapid turnarounds for biopsies, resection specimens, histological exams, and PCR…

Intertriginous Wounds / Infections

Discover our signature approach to analyzing bacterial and fungal species identification.

Nerve Fiber Density Analysis

Benefit from our SNF analyses and ENFD partnership with Corinthian Reference Labs…

Collection Supplies

Doctors and their staff will be provided with necessary collection material for nail clippings, skin & soft…

CAP Accredited

Our Pathologists

Trusted by Top Industry Leaders

We are privileged to work with highly-trained, board-certified dermatopathologists. Dr. Jochen Schaefer has subspecialty expertise in podiatric pathology.  He has trained in leading institutions such as Yale University School of Medicine, the University of California San Francisco, New York-Presbyterian Hospital, Weill Medical College of Cornell University, and the University of Virginia.

Our podiatry team utilizes only the latest advances in immunohistochemistry, fluorescent in-situ hybridization, and molecular testing. Therefore, we ensure the most accurate diagnoses possible and guarantee the delivery of concise reports.

Our Community Involvement

Because they are making a difference in the community, Sagis remains committed to lending its support!

Community involvement always has and always will be important to us. We’re happy to serve and support a host of local, regional, and nation-wide community organizations.

The Arts of Healing
Spring Branch Education Foundation
Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo
Kym Coleman Foundation
Dermatology Foundation
Foundation for Osteopathic Dermatology
National Psoriasis Foundation
Dell Children’s Medical Center
UT Health San Antonio’s Run From the Sun 5K
Children’s House for the Soul

Community Involvement
Love Your Neighbor